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Important information about hair patch and hair wigs in Delhi
As we have already anticipated, there are many reasons why a person can decide to wear a wig, either permanently, temporarily or sporadically. In addition, they can be a very fun complement, but, especially the first few times, their placement can be complicated. The steps we present below will help you get it right the first time:
How to put on a hair wig in Delhi?
• The first thing you should do is to collect your hair well, either by twisting the mane around your head or by making root braids that conceal the volume.
• It is also important that you clean your skin thoroughly in the natural hairline, so that the wig can adhere well. One way to do this is by using alcohol-soaked gauze.
• A tip to keep it as natural as possible is to hold it by the back of the head and gently shake it down. In this way, it will be looser and with more movement.
• Attach the edge of the wig - the mesh outline - to match the natural hairline of your hair.
• A good reference to know that the wig in Delhi is well placed are the sideburns. Make sure they are in the correct position and that both are at the same height.
• Comb the wig with your fingers to give it an even looser look.
Qualities of hair patch in Delhi
When referring to natural hair patch, it means that 100% natural hair fiber is used. The hair can have different origins, the European hair fiber and that of Indian origin are well known. Both with different thicknesses, where the European one is thinner and of better quality than the Indian one. Synthetic hair patches in Delhi
The synthetic hair patch are that the hair is not natural but synthetic origin. The toyokalon or kanekalon fiber is frequently used, which are the brands of artificial hair that copy the natural one very well and are the most used. Although synthetic fiber increasingly mimics natural hair, there are some downsides to using synthetic hair patch. The disadvantages include: They do not withstand heat or changes in color well, which is possible with natural hair patch.
Custom hair patch in Delhi
This type of hair system can be defined as high-tech hair patch in Delhi , since it simulates being the person's natural hair . A custom prosthesis is the piece that is made individually for each person. You need to do a series of measurements of the affected part or the entire head, if that is the case. No two hair patch exist as they are the same . Each one brings the base and the hair fiber that most closely resembles the original hair and the shape of each person's head.
It is made with natural hair, mixing even different shades and placing them distributed in different densities along the surface of the base. Imitate the specific starters, springs and eddies that each individual has in their head. Do not be fooled, if they do not measure you and sell you a hair prosthesis as made to order, it is only a standard piece or a wig in Delhi.