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Different types of Hair weaving that can be done in various ways

The hair weave not only gives it a stylish look, it can also enhance its natural beauty. Now women of all ages like hair. Recently, the old haircut is very popular. More and more celebrities are wearing the refreshed shape of the hair weft.

Hair weaving can be done in different ways. Look at the 5 most modern forms of hair weaving:

1. Human hair weave

Human hair weave is designed using the real hair of someone who has sacrificed their braids for some reason or another. The human hair weave gives it a natural look. However, it is difficult to find the right combination in terms of color and texture.

2. Synthetic fur fabric.

Braid the artificial fabrics into micro-braids or simply twist the artificial fabrics into a unique pattern, making a synthetic pile fabric.

3. Curly fabrics

To make curly fabrics, you should ask a professional stylist to braid the curly extensions of the strands. Curly fabrics require a lot of care and maintenance, especially when washing and drying hair.

4. Bonded fabrics

Fasten the extensions to small sections of natural hair by using adhesive glue to create bonded fabrics. It is an expensive matter to get this type of fabric. Tied tissues require great care, especially when they are removed. Please remove it and use it properly. Otherwise, it will cause permanent damage to the hair. Linked tissues can last between one and two months. Before the links are released, you must remove the attached tissues.

5. Fusion Weave

Fusion tissue is a difficult method. However, the fusion fabrics give the user a more striking and complete appearance. To make a fusion fabric, it is necessary to divide the hair into small sections and use hot wax to join the extensions. Fusion fabrics can last between two and three months. Fusion fabrics are comparatively more expensive than bonded fabrics.

In the case of apply hair prostheses, also known by the name of a piece, they are the ones that will cover only a specific place on the scalp. They are made with the aim of solving specific problems of hair loss. An example of these cases is alopecia areata, which is a disease that suffers from localized hair loss. It is characterized by having small round areas affected, where only a hair applet is needed to cover the affected space.

Hair prostheses with clips

The variant of the clip-on hair prosthesis compared to other prostheses, is that the mechanism of fixing the part to the head is not through special glues . This kind of hair prosthesis comes with clips, combs or clips that must be placed on the parts of the head that still have hair. Although they are practical and do not require gluing the base with adhesive tape or glue, they have the disadvantage that the presence of hair is necessary to fix them, in addition to being less stable.